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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Weekly Fix, March 9 edition

Comics I'm looking forward to this week.

Adam Strange #6 because I'm a sucker for a good space opera and this is as close as I've found to one in the last couple of years.

Fables because it's just so damn good. I can't wait to find out what Jack was up to in Hollywood.

Vimanarama because Grant Morrison can do very little wrong and this is him near the top of his game.

Sleeper volume 3 TPB because I'm getting this series in the trades.

Speaking of trades, I'm looking forward to the Inhumans digest as I've heard good things about the series. Also, I think my oldest son would enjoy this one.

New Thunderbolts because sometimes I want some good, old-fashioned super heroey goodness and Nicieza always provides.

Ultimate Fantastic Four because I'm really enjoying Ellis's take on the four, both here and in Planetary.

And lastly, and probably least, is X-Men: The End: Heroes and Martyrs because I'm a sap. I know Claremont's writing has been slipping quit fast during the last few years, but, damn it, the first comic I remember reading was an X-Men in which Nightcrawler teleported blind out of Arcade/Doombot's castle. It hooked me on comics and so I give Claremont way more slack than I should. The last six-issue miniseries of this just sucked. Plain and simple. I'm giving him just one more issue, this one, to start pulling it all together and, if not, I'm done with it.


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