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Monday, April 11, 2005

Four-Color Goodness

So, riffling through the Diamond Comics shipping lists, let's see what's coming for April 13.

The Good Stuff
ADAM STRANGE -- Outer-space frolics and fun
FABLES -- One of the best comics being published today
SHE-HULK: SUPERHUMAN LAW -- A trade collecting the final six issues of the SHE-HULK series. Fun stories.
POWERS -- Bendis's best work.

The Okay Stuff
NEW THUNDERBOLTS -- Old-fashioned Marvel superheroics.
IRON MAN -- Would be in The Good Stuff if it hadn't been delayed three months. Not keeping my interest.
DISTRICT X -- Aside from Astonishing, the best X-book being put out. Not that that's saying all that much these days...

The I'm-Such-A-Marvel-Slut Stuff

The Oh-God-Why-Do-I-Keep-Doing-This-To-Myself Stuff
X-MEN: THE END: HEROES AND MARTYRS -- I think the category title says it all.


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