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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pull List 4/27/05

So, let's see what's on the list for this week.

Starting off, we've got General Grievous from the STAR WARS universe. Three copies of that bad boy, one for each of my boys, who all have serious hankering for the next episode. I read the first issue and it wasn't all that great, but, then again, I'm not a huge fan of the franchise. I'll also be getting three issues of Teen Titans Go for the same reason.

Also over at DC, the book of the week for me is Legion of Super Heroes No. 5. Waid and Kitson have done a fantastic job of reimagining the whole LSH concept. I don't think I'm sold yet on the youth revolt bit, but the characters and backstory seem to be working just great. And the humor is a welcome addition. I've been a huge fan of the Legion since the late '70s and stuck with them through every incarnation. This, so far, ranks right up there with my heretical love for the Five Years After era.

My stack also includes Day of Vengeance, because how can you go wrong when a supernatural crisis depends on the work of a talking monkey who's been on a five-year bender.

Invincible and The Pact make the list from Image since I'm really enjoying Invincible the character and he's in both books.

On Marvel's side, we've got the long-awaited fifth issues of New Avengers and Captain America. Better late than never?

Ultimate Secret No. 2 also comes out this week. After the relentlessly slow pace of the first mini, I vowed to wait for the trade on this one. However, I really enjoyed the first issue, so I'm having a hard time holding out here. We'll see what happens.

X-Men: Phoenix: Endsong seems like a lot of work just to get Jean Grey under a frozen lake to correspond to the movie continuity, but darn it if this hasn't been an extremely interesting little book.

Other titles:
Flash #21
Otherworld #2
Wonder Woman #215
Daredevil #5
Exiles #63
Punisher #20
Spellbinders #2
Supreme Power #16


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