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Friday, June 17, 2005

Estrogen-free zone

So She Who Must Be Obeyed is off in Jacksonville, where she's a judge at her residency program's thesis day. I thought, since she's out enjoying herself, why not do the same?

I packed up the boys and headed south. They all belong to the Windyrush Country Club dive and swim team and the dive team has a big meet here in Columbia, S.C. We left home early on Friday morning and drove down to the famous Riverbend Zoo in Columbia.

Great time had by all. The boys wandered around at full speed for four hours, pointing out every single animal and spewing out all the information they had on each exhibit.

Now we're all safely snuggled down in a hotel room much too small for us, watching yet another repeat of The Fairly Odd Parents musical special.

Now there's just the dive meet tomorrow and the trip back.

Hope the house is still there when we get home.


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