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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Quick hits

Runaways #7, by Vaughan and guest penciller Takeshi Miyazawa, continues this title's winning streak. Although I missed the regular art team, this wasn't bad, but was mostly saved by the story itself. The group confronts Swarm, an ex-Nazi scientist who, through exposure to a bad meteor, is now made up of a swarm of killer bees. Yes, an ex-Nazi made of killer bees. How can you not love comics for concepts like that? Newbie Victor Mancha, cyborg son of Ultron, who is destined to destroy the Avengers in the future, is working with the Runaways and steps up to the plate with this issue. Again, how can you not love convoluted stuff like this? Big developments in Karolina's long simmering, unrequited crush on Nico and a suprise alien appearance at the end. It does, however, remind me of several ancient Teen Titans plots. Based on the goodwill Vaughan has garnered for his past work, I'm willing to give it a shot.

JLA: Classified #11, by Warren Ellis and Butch Guice, is a very nice piece of work. Some reviewers have been complaining of the dialogue between Lois and Clark, but I love it. The comic also has the best Wally West to Flash scene in many years. Good stuff.

Ed Brubaker welcomes Micharl Lark aboard as the new regular penciller of Captain America with the just-released issue No. 9 (vol. whatever the hell). Cap, Nick Fury and Sharon Carter lead a S.H.I.E.L.D. assault detachment against Aleksander Lukin, holder of the Cosmic Cube, and possibly the mind behind last issue's bombing of Philly. The raid is unsuccessful, leading to complications for Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. Not much advanced in the way of the is it or isn't it Bucky plot. Lark, despite giving Cap a bit of a cartoony face, does a great job with the rest of the art.

Young Avengers Does a nice job of wrapping up the opening arc. Stories revolving around time travel normally give me a massive headache. This one, however, only gave me a minor twinge behing my right eye, so, there's that going for it. Major changes for the nascent team, including the (spoiled by the cover) removal of Iron Lad from the team. Nice job by Heinberg to address the whole Asgardian thing when he had the characters point out that it's a really asinine name. Now he's called Wiccan, not all that much better, especially since he continues to dress in Asgardian knock-off clothing.

More later.

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